The Different Types Of Magical Performances

Magic can be defined as the art of entertaining guests or an audience by performing some illusions that will baffle and amaze the audience. This is generally achieved by giving an illusion that the magician has done something that is impossible by the normal human being. It simply shows that he has supernatural or magical powers that enables him or her to do it all naturally. The professionals in this field are known as magicians, illusionists, prestidigitators or conjurors. They are found all over the world and they practice this art either as a hobby or as a real hustle and business.

Identifying the different types of magical performances

There are five (5) general genres of magic and they include platform magic, close-up magic, children magic, stage magic and corporate magic. We are going to look at some of their characteristics.

Platform magic

In this genre, the magician stand on a platform and performs to many people simultaneously. Generally the magician is closer to the audience than in auditorium performances. A good example is the magic performances in night clubs and comedy clubs. Good examples of these magicians include David Abbott who specializes in cabaret magic.

Close-up magic

This is a very special genre of magic as the magician performs very near the audience and in most times they perform when in physical contact with the audience or one of the people in the audience. This style of performance is normally used in dinner entertainment and it has been known world over as table magic.

Children magic

This is the most common genre of magic and most magicians use it to capture their audience. It is known as children magic because it is generally performed to children audience. The magicians in this genre take advantage of children gatherings like primary school, birthday parties, libraries, elementary schools and other places like hotels which are children based. The performances are generally comic in nature and it encompasses audience interactions and many volunteer assists.

Stage magic

With stage magic, a huge crowd is involved and it is normally done in an auditorium. With this type of magic you will see huge props that aid in the magic. This is the category with the most famous magicians who include David Copperfield. You can easily get a magician London specialist in this genre for any event.

Corporate magician

This is a specialized genre of magic which is generally used to pass a message. A magician London who performs this king of magic has a business background and they understand how the magic can be used in business communication. The magicians in this genre perform in product launches, conferences, workshops and corporate meetings. You can also find them in trade fairs.

As you can easily see, the field of magic has continued to grow from one level to another. You need to know your audience and their preferences before you hire a magician. Keep your people entertained with magical performances.